The Elusive Masquerade

The Torture Never Stops
(minor update October 12th, 2002)

We found a BOD patch for win XP that we coded a few months ago...
you know, like when you clean up the house and find some money under the couch.
XP Patch, unzip over your current BoD installation.

(Final update May 27th, 2001)

When everything seems to be going well,
you obviously don't know what the hell is going on.

    Through a year of serious struggle with ISP updates, Windows bugs relentless management in all of their subdivisions, 95/98/2000/ME/NT/Whatever-is-the-lastest-shit, our upper neighboor got laid every single Sunday morning as a ritual. Daddy is a lawyer and pay son's Mustang with a pee-flow and exhaust blowers -whatever that is-, the big flat digital tv screen and the fancy zillion-watt and dolby-surround home-cinema system shaking the walls, since that could barely cover the wailing and the back-and-forth subtle movement sound of the regularly-changing cover-girl bitch on a subwoofed abominable techno background, this jungle seemed to inspired me from times to times.

    After a while, you ponder through this mass-stupidity and eventually figure out the indissociable character between this perpetual nightmare and the meaningless grin of the necktie-wearing pinkinsh piece of shit that wakes you up on a school bench to sollicite you in case you would like to have an upgraded Air-Miles Mastercard, as if I would be in eager to pack up and fly down south to escape your ugly arse face, your jellish and shining hip haircut, and the little cap you proudly wear on the back of your Brahim or whatever else spiritual or social-class-significance braindead skull you have to wear everyday like a poor bastard.

    You eventually figure out that if you make a program fool-proof, only a fool will use it. Through the relentless flow of e-mails asking silly questions and requests made on an imperative tone, and besides the spam mail that you eventually can't get rid of, we eventually gave up replying the silliest people, which is the large majority, and who, like the flawed upper-neighboor, don't give shit about anything but their pathetic ego inflated by unjustified pride, lust and greed, geared towards nothing but the outcome of their Friday-evening and their comfy middle-class dreamworld made out of commodities. For that reason we stopped upgrades and shut down this website.

    We released the source code of Beware of Dog (which is available on the download page) for some clever minds out there. This could be studied and enhanced at will. We are available via e-mail for any clever questions or feedback concerning such project or the general coding procedure of Beware of Dog. You can post on the Guestbook as well. If you have problem downloading BOD, you can try out contacting our fellow friends at or ask help on the board at
- The Crimson King

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