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Some quantum physic theories suggests that when the consumer is not directly observing these products, they will either cease to exist or exist in a vague and undetermined state.

Beware of Dog v 2.4 Banner-killer

"Beware of Dog" is the state-of-the-art banner killer. It now supports Windows 2000 and has the Netzero Zeroport Annihilator. It allows you to remove the banner from the very large majority of the most popular ISP (such as NetZero, defunct DotNot, Juno, defunct Freelane, defunct Bluelight, defunct FunCows, etc.) including the new kind of connection (pay less but get a banner offered for instance by AT&T (what's the point?)). The full version include all you need, the second exclude the .dll (in case you have MS Visual Studio installed).
    Beware of Dog XP (patch version) 60K unzip over your current BoD installation.

    Beware of Dog (full version) 2M
    Beware of Dog (Mirror 1) (full version) 2M
    Beware of Dog (Mirror 4) (full version) 2M

    Beware of Dog (.exe only without dlls) 200K Power users only

    For any question: Read Me or Helpfile

Get the source "here". Power users only!

TCP Messenger v 2.0

This program is not very useful unless you are in a network environment. This is not a hack of any sort but a stand alone, "close-circuit" alternative to ICQ without the spam, the mass forwarding and a silly "wizard assistant". However, since we don't own an Alpha Dec wired to a T1 working 24 hours a day who can trace the online users and allow everybody to chat with pakis at any time, the use of this program is very limited. It is in fact best suited to a local network where users get tired to scream to each other through the house.
    TCP Messenger (full version) 2.0M
    TCP Messenger (Mirror 1) (full version) 2.0M
    TCP Messenger (Mirror 4) (full version) 2.0M

    TCP Messenger (.exe only without dlls) under 100K Power users only

Get the source "here". Power users only!

On va faire la GRO$$$$E palette.
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