Crew Page

For those of you who wants to know about the crew, well, we are a small virtual organization composed of a few people each working in their widely diversified field of study.
Studying in Public Relation at the university level, great psychological warfare, social engineering and manipulation skills. Responsible for PR and spokesperson.


"Tell me your price and I'll tell you if i'm insulted..."

Studying in Computer Science at the university level, great knowledge of different programming languages and computer hardware. Main programmer and program designer.


"There must be a way to fix it..."

Studying in Electrical Engineering at the university level, good knowledge of security systems, computer hardware and programming languages. Secondary programmer, webmaster and internet-related applications designer.


"It's made by somebody, thus hackable..."

The Crimson King
Studying in Jazz Studies at the university level, good knowledge of scales, modes and arpeggios. Basic programming skills and poor computer knowledge. Artistic designer and spiritual leader.


"American culture spreads itself like shit with a compacting roller..."
Avec ti-Paul à mairie, j'm'en va l'avoir mon permis d'bière!
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