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10-12-2002: WinXP Patch for "Beware of Dog" released.
05-27-2001: The website is closing and won't be updated again.
05-09-2001: EM website reaches it's 100000th visitor, a memorable event.
02-14-2001: Updated "Beware of Dog" to v2.4. Now works on Win 2000.
01-23-2001: Added a link page to the site.
01-12-2001: Updated "Beware of Dog" to v2.3. Fixed Netzero and that nasty zeroport, with the help of Ezeryder and Yeggman. Added recovery msgbox for people getting the "Already connected to the net" error after a windows crash.
01-05-2001: Updated "Beware of Dog" to v2.2. Fixed Freelane 2.0, once again with the help of Mangesh.
12-18-2000: Updated "Beware of Dog" to v2.1. Added support for WinNT with the help of Mangesh, corrected the bug with bluelight and the "Masquerade Connection".
12-15-2000: Added "Beware of Dog v 2.0". It is the logical upgrade to our FAF since 1stUp went bankrupt. It features a truckload of new functions: go see the description on the download page for details. It it the best banner killer actually available and can handle the very large majority of the free ISP, moreover, the thing is free. Enjoy.
12-07-2000: EM website reaches it's 10000th visitor, a memorable event.
11-18-2000: Added TCP Messenger v 2.0. Not very useful but nice.
11-11-2000: Added an archive of past editorials.
10-30-2000: Added the guestbook and finally got rid of all traces of publicity on the EM web site.
10-01-2000: Restructuration (a word we tend to appreciate...) of the website in different clusters and new overall design. After all, we know that there is a lot out there judging the book by its cover. Thanks to PacK and The Crimson King for hours of grunt work.
09-30-2000: Added the Universal Leveling Device and messed up with the crew page.
09-20-2000: Updated FAF to v1.4.1: Corrected a bug with Microshit Internet Explorer for the auto-launch web browser option.
09-17-2000: Updated FAF to the ultimate version (v1.4): This version is close enough to God to be considered perfect and its users to be considered enlightened.
09-14-2000: EM website reaches it's 1000th visitor, a memorable event.
09-13-2000: Updated FAF to v1.3: A lot of unuseful features added upon your requests (that has really no points in our opinion). We fixed the problem encountered by a user who had a too fast 1 GHz computer but coudn't afford a real connection (what the heck?). All this by screwing up a little our original clean and simple interface.
09-10-2000: Added Read Me for Free Altavista Free.
09-09-2000: Updated the crew page.
09-08-2000: Updated FAF to v1.2: Some unuseful features added, some bugs fixed while potentially creating an unexpected minor atomic collision which could result in an eventual nuclear meltdown.
09-07-2000: Added FreeAltvistaFree v 1.1.
09-07-2000: Opening of the Elusive Masquerade Website.
droite... encore plus droite.
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